Do You want to earn at least $400 a day?

(with single exchange daily)

By exchanging cryptocurrencies between Bitcoin/Litecoin and Ethereum.

I will show, how to gain even $4000 a day

Time is the essence!

Current price of BTC (46000USD - 58000USD) will not remains for ages !

Status updated on 24th of February 2021: working

(1) You need to have Bitcoin and Ethereum/Litecoin wallets. My favourite one is Exodus multicurrency wallet. You can also use Blockchain Bitcoin wallet or Electrum Bitcoin wallet(download of client required). For Litecoin i recommend client app wallet Litecoin Electrum wallet and online MyEtherWallet for Ethereum. That is no matter, You can use every wallet that you have.

(2) You should have at least 0.005BTC (Bitcoin) or 1 LTC (Litecoin)

(3) The next thing to do is to exchange 0.005 BTC to Ethereum (1BTC =~ 73.9ETH) or at least 1 LTC to Ethereum (1LTC - 0.42 ETH) at this exchanger

Fill out 0.005 BTC at "Send" field:


Fill out 1LTC at "Send" field:

Enter details: email and target address to receive cryptos to:

Check all the details carefully, and confirm order:

Send yours BTC/LTC to target address:

(4) Once You receive Ethereum/Litecoin on your wallet/account from, you can change back those cryptocurrencies by using one of the following exchangers:

Above list is just personally tested by me, I never had any single issue with those exchangers. Please keep in mind above links have attached referer code, just to give me some gain from exchanger's commission. Anyway, clicking on them is highly appreciated.

*** Btc -> Eth

Coinswitch: with 0.005BTC, You will receive ~ 0,37 on Your Ethereum account, it can be changed to BTC @ coinswitch with rate 1ETH =~ 0.032BTC so 0.37ETH is around 0.012 BTC - around 0.007BTC gain with single transaction =~ $350 (or more) in your pocket

*** Ltc -> Eth

with 1LTC, You will receive ~ 0.42ETH on Your Ethereum account, it can be changed backto LTC @ Changelly with rate 1Eth =~ 8.3LTC so 0.42ETH is more than 3.5Ltc - 250% gain with single transaction =~ $550 up to $600 in your pocket

*** Btc -> Eth rate 1ETH =~ 0.033BTC up to 0.035BTC so 0.37ETH is around 0.012BTC - around 0.007BTC gain with single transaction (0.005Btc) =~ $350 up to $400(or even more) in your pocket

(5) Just repeat above steps 10 - 20 times a day and gain 3500-8000USD. You are not limited to send only minimum 0.005BTC or 1 Litecoin, that is just depend how much reserve eXchange4Money has, last time i did reserch with block explorer and that showed less than 3500 ETH, but that is not confirmed officially.
So be aware time is the essence...

My wallet's screen:

Need help? questions? write to me .